Thursday, July 30, 2009

More dancing and virtually no free time, oh my!

My apologies on the extremely delayed update on our ever so exciting blog! Exciting...yeah right. The past few weeks have been crazy and non stop from morning to evening and then it starts all over again in the morning, I almost forgot about the blog all together, *gasp* scandal!

Leaving off from our last post, I continued to teach ballet throughout the next week for a local youth ballet company for their summer intensive. The first week I was teaching little girls (the ones you saw in the video) that had attention spans of near to nothing. I would say plie, they would automatically find something to distract themselves with. The second week was a hundred times better. I had three classes, a morning ballet class for girls around the age of 14, a pointe class after lunch with the same group of girls, and then a variations class with 10 year olds following my pointe class. Can I just go ahead and say that my girls were amazing?!?! First of all, I would just like to say that I have never enjoyed teaching and find it to be more of a teeth-puller-outter than something I would do or could see myself doing for the rest of my life. However, the week a spent with these girls drastically changed how I feel about teaching. The morning ballet class was so much fun, for me anyways...I'm sure they hated me by the end of the week due to the frequent killer combinations but that's beside the point. I had an accompanist which made for a much less stressful hour and 45mins, I would create a combination and he would just play, it was perfect! Not to mention it made me feel super professional and I was able to pay more attention to my girls as opposed to making sure the music fit or that it wouldn't run out on me. All this to say, those girls were incredibly hard workers, strong dancers, fun to teach and amazingly receptive to corrections and willingness to go further. I was in my element! Never ever would I have ever thought that I would have to hurry to get done with class in time rather than trying to come up with time wasters, but every day we were pressing the time limit trying to fit everything in. I learned a ton from these girls! Here is a video of some of my choreography I taught them. It was originally created for just two girls, but they all wanted to do it one last time so there is really no formation to speak of. Sorry for the bad quality!

Since coming back from the 4th of July in Texas and also teaching in Madison, Robby and I both put in our two weeks at a local "fine dining" *cough...gag...sputter* restaurant that we worked at all summer and have since finished those two weeks. That restaurant deserves a whole post to itself, so I will spare you the details for right now. Now that I'm done at the restaurant I have had time to pick up some work at Ballet Mississippi which is the same company I taught at. In case I failed to mention earlier, I grew up dancing with Ballet Mississippi and also worked in the office for about a year and a half. They have a lot to do and are very short staffed right now so I have been spending most of my spare time organizing literally EVERYTHING at Ballet Mississippi. I will be doing this along with dog-sitting up until I leave next Thursday for New York City where I will spend every waking hour with my nephew and sister. I can't wait!

In other news, Robby has been working on a short film for the past couple of weeks. He has been incredibly busy with shooting and organizing everything that has to be accomplished, and if all goes well he will be done shooting on Saturday. However, several months of editing and and who knows what all else will have to be done before the short is finally finished and can be released.

Believe it or not, this was a summed up version of our lives the past few weeks. More details will be being released shortly in the area of our crummy restaurant job and our other goings on on the side.

Love to all!

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