Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rangers Game; bladder control

Basically, our goal with this blog is to be as cheesy as humanly possible. So warning dear followers, do not take anything too seriously or else you will be utterly disappointed. However, on the rare occasion that we are being sincere please do not be alarmed but take it in stride and enjoy it while you can. We are acknowledging the fact that this is a blog, kind of like the 3rd wall analogy that my other half so endearingly speaks of which is sometimes used in the world of film. So yes, we are in another world, the blog world to be exact, so strap on your information super highway goggles and prepare to blog like it's 2002.

So (in the first installment of...what we like to call...the adventures of pumpkin bear and e.p.), after a very long, very slow, very drawn out trip in which most of us were using the best bladder control known to (wo)man, we finally arrived at our destination, dot dot dot, the Rangers stadium. Woot. (Robby has just informed me that we actually arrived at The Ballpark in Arlington, not the Rangers stadium. He made me aware of this apparently huge fact due to the reactions we would most likely get from his mother.) So at The *wink wink* Ballpark in Arlington, loverboy and I enjoyed the great American pastime of trying to enjoy baseball. We succeeded. Enjoy the pictures of zee fun.

Yours truely, forever and ever, and until next time, and the next time, and the time after that,

P.B. & E.P.

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